Premium Plugins & Themes Management Tool

Plugin to manage premium plugins and themes (similar to WooCommerce Helper).


  • Download and auto-update plugins & themes from the external REST API
  • Block unwanted notices and popups from other plugins and themes
  • Account connection using OAuth protocol
Premium Plugins & Themes Management Tool Screenshot


  • PHP object-oriented programming
  • Own PHP-framework developed to simplify and speed up coding for WordPress
  • Twig template engine (Symfony framework component)


  • SASS styles preprocessor
  • JS ES6 object-oriented programming
  • jQuery library
  • Compiled with Gulp and Webpack

The plugin has around 10000 active installs.


Adrian F.
Adrian Fako Bucharest, Romania, 2017

Great quality of work, all in deadline, coding standards and professional approach to communication and development, we liked the most to have everything with versioning, tasks and bugs queue. Will continue working together for sure.