External Library Media Embed

A WordPress plugin extending the native WordPress “Add Media” functionality with a new source – external digital assets library + New Gutenberg embed block


  • A new Gutenberg embed block allowing to insert media from external assets library
  • Seamless integration of the new media source into the native WordPress “Add Media” function for classic editor
  • Download Media to the local media library and insert to a post/page from there
  • Insert Media as a link to the external storage
  • Auto populating meta fields
External Library Media Embed Screenshot


  • PHP object-oriented programming
  • Own PHP-framework developed to simplify and speed up coding for WordPress


  • JS ES6 object-oriented programming
  • jQuery library
  • Compiled with Gulp and Webpack


Charly V.
Charly Vanni Melbourne, Australia, 2017

Alex is one of the best developers out there on Upwork. We have worked together on 2 separate WordPress connectors involving complex API integration and logic, and both have been completed successfully by Alex in a timely manner. One of Alex’s biggest strength is his ability to understand business requirements and take ownership of finalizing the scope and making recommendations on the best way to meet the core user requirements. We highly recommend Alex for any WordPress project and look forward to working with him again in the future.